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February Lady Sweater

Latest project: the February Lady Sweater. It was a humbling experience. I thought I understood how to do yarn overs. I got cocky and it was initially quite the mess. Thanks to the good people on Ravelry and one particularly kind poster who described in excruciating detail what I needed to do, it got better.  I also learned that I needed stitch markers. It took every marker I had, but it helped enormously. After that, it was surprisingly easy to do this sweater.

February Lady Sweater 2

It’s done top down. You put the sleeve stitches on a holder and then pick up when you’re ready to deal with them. I decided to make the sleeves full length instead of 3/4. I don’t plan on actually buttoning this when I wear it, but rather will treat it like a cardigan.


I’m somewhat proud of myself

So this is me. This is me in an adult-sized garment that is not an accessory. In fact, this is me in an adult-sized garment that is not an accessory that I knitElizabeth sweater by mlzafron all by my very self. As you can see there are some issues with it. The sleeves are way too long. I trusted too much in the pattern and since this is knit almost entirely in one piece, by the time I realized that, it was too late to go back.

The pattern is “Elizabeth” and I knit it with the awesome Classic Elite Liberty Wool. Skills learned: cable cast on and mattress stitch (boy, did I learn mattress stitch).

Ravelry link is here.

Project #5

I proudly present the last of my five projects.

Isn’t it cute? My friend lent me the magazine with the pattern. I wasn’t crazy about the hat, but that’s probably because it required me to pick up stitches. Knit up very fast and I’m quite pleased with it!