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Recent projects

So as you can see, I’ve been productive. For someone who hates making scaSea Lettuce scarfrves, I have sadly, been making a lot of them. This first is the Sea Lettuce Scarf by Lucy Neatby. I am glad to say that the hate never entered the garment. My Ravelry link is here.  I liked making the picots and I was endless fascinated with how the wedges kind of forced it to turn in on itself. Yes, yes, I am easily amused.  So this is a Christmas present for someone – haven’t determined who the lucky recipient will be yet. I’ve also discovered that I like short rows. I like how they can add dimension to a garment and now that I understand how to do them, I like doing them.

Tube ScarfThen we have this tube scarf. Truth be told this was an unplanned project. I started it while I was waiting for another skein of yarn for the above scarf. I won a knitting basket at a silent auction and this kit was included in the basket. I have no Ravelry link to share well because I couldn’t find it on Ravelry. Essentially you cast on about 60 something stitches onto a circular needle, join in the round, and knit till you’re out of yarn. Then you sew up the ends and voila! You have a very warm muffler/scarf. I think this is going to be for me. It wasn’t terribly exciting to work on, but it was very good TV knitting. Nothing like garter stitch to get you through complicated plots.

Spiral Rib SocksAnd last, but not least we have my mom’s Christmas present, a pair of cozy bed socks. These are the Spiral Rib socks from Getting Started Knitting Socks, by Ann Budd.  Ravelry link is here. Mom has been asking for socks from me for the past year, but I’ve had a block about sock yarn. Sadly, I have no such block about buying it. Since I love my mother and would like to make her something she can use, I went looking for an interesting worsted weight yarn project. I made some adaptations to the pattern, but these were insanely quick to do. I started them on Dec 3 and finished by Dec 6!


Yes, it’s a scarf.

molly2 by mlzafron
molly2, a photo by mlzafron on Flickr.

I know, I know. I swore I would never do another scarf.

So about a month ago, I go to the LYS to buy a novelty tape measure as a birthday gift for my friend. That’s all I’m going to buy, right? I’m at the cash register with the tape measure in hand and I happen to glance over at the wall to see the Molly scarf on display. The next thing you know, I’m buying the pattern booklet. I hold off on the yarn because I have a lot of that at home. But it’s so pretty. It’s this lovely variegated stuff and it feels good. I am resolute though and I leave the LYS.

Except that the yarn (Classic Elite Liberty Wool) haunts me for 2 days and nights. So I went back and bought it. No complaints about this scarf. It was a fairly quick knit. Not boring to work on at all. But that’s the last scarf for awhile. I mean it. Really. I mean it.

My first “lace” knitting

Yellow Dog Trellis Lace Scarf
Lace Scarf, a photo by mlzafron on Flickr.

It seems a cheat to call this “lace” knitting, but I gather it qualifies. The pattern is Yellow Dog’s Trellis Lace Scarf, and it came out very nicely I think.

Unfortunately, I think it was too easy a pattern for me, because I got bored very quickly and then the scarf hate set in. Still it’s pretty and I’m going to have a little karma cleansing ceremony or whatever and it’ll be a Christmas present for someone.

Project #1


Originally uploaded by mlzafron

So I’ve been tagged

Project #1: Complete the reversible diamond scarf. It has been done. Took way more yarn than it should have, but it is done.

Last of my Christmas presents too.

Project #2: Knit a pair of socks in fingering weight yarn. I’ve chosen to do these and have cast on for them. Stupidly I really don’t have any semi-solid or solid fingering weight sock yarn, so although it defeats the purpose, I am going to do them in a self-patterning yarn. I’m using Magic Loop.

Project #3: Knit something for myself. Frankly, I think I want to make myself a pair of socks.

Project #4: Come up with a storage system for my dpns and circular needles

Project #5:  Cast on for a sweater.

greenapples, Vintage Reader, Lauren, RJ, and nancy , you have been tagged. Note these do not need to be knitting projects. Just projects.

The _______ from hell

I’ve had two of these projects so far.  There were the socks done with fingering weight yarn on dpns that I finally frogged. And then there was the Antlers  Scarf.

Antlers Scarf

Antlers Scarf

It’s from Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch. I’m not knocking the design or even the pattern. As you can see from the pic, it looks pretty damn cool.

I don’t know what I was thinking. First off it’s a scarf. Those always seem to take forever. I’ve been cranking out Christmas presents and I was already feeling a bit overwhelmed when I took this on.

Secondly, it wasn’t a relaxing pattern for me. Every knit row is cabled–which is what gives it this the awesome effect.

My experience with cables hitherto has been: you knit and purl for awhile. Every 8 or so rows, you cable. Wash, rinse, repeat. I like that. It looks complicated, but it’s really not. You get a lot of effect for your time and effort.

This pattern required me to pay attention and I don’t think I ever got a good rhythm going on it.  Also, I really have developed a dislike of cable needles. I’ve been using a dpn, but the ones I have are all on the long side. It gets awkward when you’re doing cabling all the time with only one or two stitches on the needle.

The fault lays with me entirely. I had different expectations of what the process would be like. I wasn’t prepared and it became something I loathed doing. My brother hinted heavily he wouldn’t mind one himself (I told him I’d buy him yarn and the needles and teach him to knit, but no way, no how would I be making another). I’ve gotten tons of compliments and I suspect the recipient is going to love this.  But I’ve come to hate it. The sense of relief when I did the bind off and then blocked the hell out of it to get the length was unbelievable.