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Project #4

For those of you who don’t commit my blog posts to memory (so that’s like everyone), my fourth project was to:

“Project #4: Come up with a storage system for my dpns and circular needles”

It’s not perfect, but I think I have a system.

This first needle roll contains my 10″ straight needles US sizes up to 9.

Then we have needle roll #2 which contains straight needles in larger sizes (you know the ones you could stake a vampire with) and in 14″ lengths.

And then we have the circulars. Ok, someone needs to come up with a better solution for these.

Anyhow I had to use a two part solution here too. I’ve got a bunch of 40″ length ones I use for Magic Loop so those got their own special case. The over priced Della Q. Luckily I got that on sale.

And then for the rest of them and for the troublesome dpns. I am using what my friend Patricia made for me.

This is what it all looks like when it’s nice and tidied.