I’m somewhat proud of myself

So this is me. This is me in an adult-sized garment that is not an accessory. In fact, this is me in an adult-sized garment that is not an accessory that I knitElizabeth sweater by mlzafron all by my very self. As you can see there are some issues with it. The sleeves are way too long. I trusted too much in the pattern and since this is knit almost entirely in one piece, by the time I realized that, it was too late to go back.

The pattern is “Elizabeth” and I knit it with the awesome Classic Elite Liberty Wool. Skills learned: cable cast on and mattress stitch (boy, did I learn mattress stitch).

Ravelry link is here.


Yes, it’s a scarf.

molly2 by mlzafron
molly2, a photo by mlzafron on Flickr.

I know, I know. I swore I would never do another scarf.

So about a month ago, I go to the LYS to buy a novelty tape measure as a birthday gift for my friend. That’s all I’m going to buy, right? I’m at the cash register with the tape measure in hand and I happen to glance over at the wall to see the Molly scarf on display. The next thing you know, I’m buying the pattern booklet. I hold off on the yarn because I have a lot of that at home. But it’s so pretty. It’s this lovely variegated stuff and it feels good. I am resolute though and I leave the LYS.

Except that the yarn (Classic Elite Liberty Wool) haunts me for 2 days and nights. So I went back and bought it. No complaints about this scarf. It was a fairly quick knit. Not boring to work on at all. But that’s the last scarf for awhile. I mean it. Really. I mean it.

My first “lace” knitting

Yellow Dog Trellis Lace Scarf
Lace Scarf, a photo by mlzafron on Flickr.

It seems a cheat to call this “lace” knitting, but I gather it qualifies. The pattern is Yellow Dog’s Trellis Lace Scarf, and it came out very nicely I think.

Unfortunately, I think it was too easy a pattern for me, because I got bored very quickly and then the scarf hate set in. Still it’s pretty and I’m going to have a little karma cleansing ceremony or whatever and it’ll be a Christmas present for someone.

The day I became a Knitter

This Wednesday, I was knitting with a friend during my lunch hour and we were talking about when we first felt like we were Knitters (note the capital K there).

I started knitting in 2005 during the waning years of the novelty yarn scarf phase. I knit a lot of scarves in various types of yarn. Some of these were beautiful. Some of them were um…not.  I knitted squares that made up blankets for coworkers’ babies. Heck, I even knitted an entire baby blanket for a friend’s newborn (using a dishcloth pattern “moon and stars” and alternating with plain squares in a variegated cotton yarn).

But when I think back. Honestly? The first time I felt like a bonafide knitter was on the train from A
lbany. I was making this.  I have written about the experience in more detail in this post. Essentially, at some point on that journey I figured out how to deal with a dropped stitch.

I think in that moment I became a Knitter.

And there was the Curve of Pursuit!

It is done! My version of Woolly ThoughtsCurve of Pursuit is complete! The Ravelry link is here.

I love how it came out.  I had planned on doing an I-cord bindoff to edge it, but the yarn and my energy is running low.

Oddly enough, this never turned into “the project from hell.” I had feared that because it’s just such a large project. I never really got sick of it. It was relaxing to work on and it looks fabulous if I do say so myself!

Daring to knit

from LollyKnit http://www.flickr.com/photos/lollyknit/with/1304712748/When I first became a librarian and started attending regional and national conferences, I was appalled to see a number of attendees actually knitting or crocheting during presentations. It struck me as being rude to the speakers. How could they possibly focus on listening to the speakers while they were working on craft projects?

Fast forward years later. I am a fairly proficient knitter — my novelty scarf days are long behind me. Also, I have tenure. I can watch pretty involved movies and television shows while knitting; I can manage to follow the plot and turn out decent work. Do you see where this is heading? I brought my knitting to the conference.

I had picked out a pretty simple pattern that I’m doing in magic loop. My efforts to sit in the back were stymied by a presenter who insisted we move up front. I almost lost my courage, but noticed that in the same row was the woman who had taught the CE class was knitting too so I dived in and started my project.

Normally, I’m that fidgety attendee who can’t sit still. I’m that annoying person shuffling through papers. I doodle. I drop things. I nervously move my feet around. Knitting in my hands and man, it’s better than Ritalin.  I took notes. I paid attention. I sat quietly. It was an entirely different conference for me. I was focused.

Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Note: found that photo on Creative Commons. I think the knitters may be archivists. Anyhow, the photo belongs to LollyKnit and I borrowed it from her Flickr Photostream.

Curve of Pursuit in progress

I present the beginnings of my Curve of Pursuit afghan. So far I love it. The bitterness will probably come later.

I’m using 4 long circulars so there is less going back and forth with stitch holders, but it’s almost at the point (there has been progress since this photo was taken) where I may end up using stitch holders because the needles are not long enough.

Really loving the color combo.