Monthly Archives: May 2012

Toe-Up Socks

I am half a sock away from my first pair of Toe-Up Socks. They are by no means perfect. In fact, I am so far from offending the knitting gods with the perfection of the knitting that it’s just sad. Anyhow…

The pair I’m working on is from a Knitty pattern called “Back to Basics.”  You start with Judy’s Magic Cast-on which is one of those things that seems like it could not possibly work until it does. Thank god for Youtube is all I can say on that. I messed up the cast on for the first sock slightly, but I just do not have the heart to go back and fix it. Having tried on sock #1, I must say that it is the best fitting sock I think I’ve ever made. I particularly love how it fits around the instep. Sock #2 has a perfect toe, but there have been some other issues along the way. I decided to take this with me on my travels. While there was no problem getting it on the plane, it really did not lend itself well as a project to this kind of travel. I’m working on the leg finally and should have it done in the next couple of days.