Monthly Archives: December 2011

Recent projects

So as you can see, I’ve been productive. For someone who hates making scaSea Lettuce scarfrves, I have sadly, been making a lot of them. This first is the Sea Lettuce Scarf by Lucy Neatby. I am glad to say that the hate never entered the garment. My Ravelry link is here.  I liked making the picots and I was endless fascinated with how the wedges kind of forced it to turn in on itself. Yes, yes, I am easily amused.  So this is a Christmas present for someone – haven’t determined who the lucky recipient will be yet. I’ve also discovered that I like short rows. I like how they can add dimension to a garment and now that I understand how to do them, I like doing them.

Tube ScarfThen we have this tube scarf. Truth be told this was an unplanned project. I started it while I was waiting for another skein of yarn for the above scarf. I won a knitting basket at a silent auction and this kit was included in the basket. I have no Ravelry link to share well because I couldn’t find it on Ravelry. Essentially you cast on about 60 something stitches onto a circular needle, join in the round, and knit till you’re out of yarn. Then you sew up the ends and voila! You have a very warm muffler/scarf. I think this is going to be for me. It wasn’t terribly exciting to work on, but it was very good TV knitting. Nothing like garter stitch to get you through complicated plots.

Spiral Rib SocksAnd last, but not least we have my mom’s Christmas present, a pair of cozy bed socks. These are the Spiral Rib socks from Getting Started Knitting Socks, by Ann Budd.  Ravelry link is here. Mom has been asking for socks from me for the past year, but I’ve had a block about sock yarn. Sadly, I have no such block about buying it. Since I love my mother and would like to make her something she can use, I went looking for an interesting worsted weight yarn project. I made some adaptations to the pattern, but these were insanely quick to do. I started them on Dec 3 and finished by Dec 6!