Monthly Archives: June 2011

Yes, it’s a scarf.

molly2 by mlzafron
molly2, a photo by mlzafron on Flickr.

I know, I know. I swore I would never do another scarf.

So about a month ago, I go to the LYS to buy a novelty tape measure as a birthday gift for my friend. That’s all I’m going to buy, right? I’m at the cash register with the tape measure in hand and I happen to glance over at the wall to see the Molly scarf on display. The next thing you know, I’m buying the pattern booklet. I hold off on the yarn because I have a lot of that at home. But it’s so pretty. It’s this lovely variegated stuff and it feels good. I am resolute though and I leave the LYS.

Except that the yarn (Classic Elite Liberty Wool) haunts me for 2 days and nights. So I went back and bought it. No complaints about this scarf. It was a fairly quick knit. Not boring to work on at all. But that’s the last scarf for awhile. I mean it. Really. I mean it.