Monthly Archives: January 2011

The day I became a Knitter

This Wednesday, I was knitting with a friend during my lunch hour and we were talking about when we first felt like we were Knitters (note the capital K there).

I started knitting in 2005 during the waning years of the novelty yarn scarf phase. I knit a lot of scarves in various types of yarn. Some of these were beautiful. Some of them were um…not.  I knitted squares that made up blankets for coworkers’ babies. Heck, I even knitted an entire baby blanket for a friend’s newborn (using a dishcloth pattern “moon and stars” and alternating with plain squares in a variegated cotton yarn).

But when I think back. Honestly? The first time I felt like a bonafide knitter was on the train from A
lbany. I was making this.  I have written about the experience in more detail in this post. Essentially, at some point on that journey I figured out how to deal with a dropped stitch.

I think in that moment I became a Knitter.


And there was the Curve of Pursuit!

It is done! My version of Woolly ThoughtsCurve of Pursuit is complete! The Ravelry link is here.

I love how it came out.  I had planned on doing an I-cord bindoff to edge it, but the yarn and my energy is running low.

Oddly enough, this never turned into “the project from hell.” I had feared that because it’s just such a large project. I never really got sick of it. It was relaxing to work on and it looks fabulous if I do say so myself!