Monthly Archives: March 2010

Curve of Pursuit in progress

I present the beginnings of my Curve of Pursuit afghan. So far I love it. The bitterness will probably come later.

I’m using 4 long circulars so there is less going back and forth with stitch holders, but it’s almost at the point (there has been progress since this photo was taken) where I may end up using stitch holders because the needles are not long enough.

Really loving the color combo.


Second mitt syndrome – conquered

I went on a mild jag with the fingerless mitts. This is the project where it all started to go horribly wrong. The pattern comes from The Knitters Book of Yarn, a totally awesome book.  These are the Princess Mitts (Errata can be found here). So I made these for my mom out of a skein of the Sublime DK cashmere merino silk. It’s nice stuff to knit with.  Unfortunately it didn’t have quite enough yardage. The camel color stuff was the best I could do on short notice.

So first time with a chart and I’m totally nervous, but the first mitt? knits up fast. It is also the first thing I have ever knit that I didn’t frog a couple of times. Heck, the first mitt is totally virgin yarn. Then I got cocky. The second mitt, well, let’s just say that if Mitt #1 is a virgin product–Mitt #2 is slutty, slutty, slutty.

I finally finished them and my mom loves them!

The lady at the LYS confirms that I am insane

I’ve fallen in love with the designs over at Woolly Thoughts. Specifically with this design. It’s called “Curve of Pursuit” and after many calculations and much obsessing, I have chosen to do it in Cascade 220.

I figure if it’s going to be this involved and I love the pattern this much, it’s worth doing it in decent yarn. Crap yarn has its place, but if I’m going to go crazy, I’d rather it not be with Red Heart. I had wanted to do this with Moda Dea’s Washable Wool, but it’s been discontinued and the only colors I can locate are not going to go together.

So I trundled down to my favorite LYS yesterday and the clerk asked me what I was making. I laughed and said it was an afghan and that my friends all think I’m nuts to try it. She very nicely said, “of course you’re not insane.” Then I showed her the pattern. She said, “You’re insane.” (But she remained helpful nonetheless).

In theory this is how it’s going to look (the lightest color is more ivory than it’s showing, but I had issues with the photo editing program).

That’s the theory anyhow. I have the yarn. I have the first square and the 4 triangles done. It will no doubt throw me into absolute agonies in the coming months, but I really want to do this.

Foreseeable problems:

  1. I’m going to be sick to death of garter stitch very very soon.
  2. This will not be the most portable project.
  3. There are going to be umpteen million ends to weave in.
  4. I will go mad.

My strategies to deal with these problems:

  1. I’m going to do a couple of shorter, instant gratification kinds of projects in between bouts of wrestling with the afghan.
  2. See #2.
  3. I’m going to weave in as I go.
  4. It’ll be worth it.