Baby, it’s cold outside (and inside too!)

My most recent projects have been dictated by the fact that it’s impossibly cold.

I’m on a kick of knitting fingerless gloves or mitts. Why? Cause I’m sitting here in my office at home. The thermostat says 68F, but it feels like 55F due to the drafts.

So far the patterns I’ve tried lend themselves to magic loop very well. I knocked out 2 pairs of the Maine Morning Mitts, one for me and one for my colleague.  These were both knit with Noro Silk Garden.  I was curious to try out this yarn because I’ve heard so much about it. I had two skeins and it worked out well. I only had a tiny bit left over.

Let me be fair. The colorways are absolutely gorgeous. I mean, you do not come across this every day. I have no complaints about the colors and I can see why this might be someone’s dream yarn for a lot of different types of projects. But … well… I didn’t love it.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Maybe it was just a case of something not living up to the buildup. It wasn’t as pleasant to work with as I’d hoped. It got a little splitty on me. Then I kept having to pick out bits of vegetable matter. The finished product is pleasant enough and I’m hoping that it will wash well.  I’m just not sure I would go out of my way to knit with this again.

But oh man, just look at those colors. They are gorgeous.

Then I happened across this pattern. I had to use a smaller needle size because the pattern is meant for a man. I used this really nice burnt orange aran weight yarn I picked up on clearance and made a few modifications for length.

And then most recently I started making the Princess Mitts for my mom. Thank god for Ravelry and errata or I would be in big trouble. Honestly, is it so hard to write a clear pattern? Don’t get me wrong, they’re coming out beautifully, but clear concise direction would have helped with this one. My first time following a chart btw!


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