Resolutions: a hard look

Well, let’s take a look at my knitting New Year’s Resolutions of 2008:

1. Learn to knit socks with 2 circular needles – still haven’t done that

2. Complete a pair of fingering weight socks
I’m still bitter about them, but they are done.

3. Learn to do yarnovers – I did! and they were easy! Who knew?

4. Learn colorwork – Nope, not yet. It still scares me.

5. Entrelac – See #4

6. Make 1 sweater I did and it came out fabulous!

7. Learn a provisional cast-on – Not yet

8. De-stash. According to Ravelry, I have over 6800 yards of yarn in my stash. Very scared about that. – I’ve been shopping the stash. I still have way too much yarn, but I’m trying to look there first before I go out and buy anything. I also participated in a yarn swap and got rid of a ton of crap yarn.

9. Learn to knit continental – Not yet

10. Felt something – Not yet


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