Project #4

For those of you who don’t commit my blog posts to memory (so that’s like everyone), my fourth project was to:

“Project #4: Come up with a storage system for my dpns and circular needles”

It’s not perfect, but I think I have a system.

This first needle roll contains my 10″ straight needles US sizes up to 9.

Then we have needle roll #2 which contains straight needles in larger sizes (you know the ones you could stake a vampire with) and in 14″ lengths.

And then we have the circulars. Ok, someone needs to come up with a better solution for these.

Anyhow I had to use a two part solution here too. I’ve got a bunch of 40″ length ones I use for Magic Loop so those got their own special case. The over priced Della Q. Luckily I got that on sale.

And then for the rest of them and for the troublesome dpns. I am using what my friend Patricia made for me.

This is what it all looks like when it’s nice and tidied.


4 responses to “Project #4

  1. Love the cases (I’m especially jealous of your Della Q)! If you ever run out of space for your DPNs, makeup bags and pencil cases work great!

  2. These might be too big, but I thought I’d throw the idea out there.

  3. The Della Q was on sale so I lucked out there. Joe, what’s too big?

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