And then there were socks

Sock #1

Finally. I have knit not one, but two matching socks. Reader, I am a real knitter. As stupid as it is for me to put criteria on being a knitter, for me personally it has been the ability to create a pair of socks. Well, now I’ve done that. Granted these are worsted weight socks on size 5 needles, they are nonetheless actual wearable socks.

I did them using Magic Loop. Magic Loop is just a cool way of knitting small diameter objects with one very long circular needle. The traditional way to do a sock involves dpns (double pointed needles), which are poky, pesky, and disposed to disappearing into the crevasses of the sofa, heating ducts, the car, etc. My orphan sock was done on these. Although it looks okay, upon closer examination, the toe is totally hopeless. It is also pretty ugly. I have not the heart or the inclination to give it a mate.

These babies, however, I’m pretty happy with. Socks #1 and #2 respectivelyI bought the yarn awhile back at a chain store. Yes, I knit with chain store yarn on occasion. Sue me. They’re all wool and I liked the color and the price.

I doubt anyone could wear these under shoes, but they’re really not designed for that. Instead these are meant to be worn around the house or to bed. Luckily their future owner wanted them for that purpose. He has promised me a picture of his feet in said socks which I will post here as soon as I’ve received it.

I can’t tell you how jazzed I am to have completed two socks. This has been one of my desires and goals for a long time.

What’s even better–I did these all by myself.  I even managed to pick up the stitches properly. I turned the heel and I managed the kitchener stitch.

So there you have it. Today, I became a bonafide knitter. It’s a good day.


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