The Stash

No, it’s not drugs. It’s yarn. If you knit, you know what I’m talking about. It’s a collection that can vary in size, weight, and fiber type.

At the moment, mine consists of two large plastic storage bags with cedar strips and one small plastic bag (for the novelty yarn). It lives under the bed in the guest room. My aim: to keep it to this size. My fear: that I shall fail.

I started out with the best of intentions. I would only buy for a project. Ha.

Well that doesn’t work too well. You buy 3 skeins and use 2 and a half. Or you discover you hate the project and you’ll use it for something else. Or it’s on sale. I have a healthy stash of sock yarn which keeps growing, despite the fact that I have yet to make an entire pair of wearable socks.

Ravelry has been really helpful. You can catalog your stash on there and I love that. It’s a little jarring to realize just how much I have. I keep looking at it when I see a post about an awesome yarn sale. Just to keep me from getting any more.

Today I finished cataloging everything I have.

No more yarn.


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