A bit about me

A couple of years ago, I started noticing that a couple of my co-workers were knitting–lovely things too. I had experienced one brief disastrous attempt at learning to knit by myself as a teenager; I was convinced that this was a skill I could never learn.  My co-workers thought otherwise. They gave me some “crap” yarn and lent me some needles and went to work with me. One woman in particular deserves a medal. She was very patient and she taught me to knit. After much practicing, I could knit. Just knit, mind you. I couldn’t or wouldn’t master the concept of purling. Yeah, I know.

But hey, this was the early Oughts and there was novelty yarn everywhere! So I made a lot of scarves. A LOT of scarves. I helped knit a few garter squares for some baby blankets and I put it down. After all, how many scarves can you have?

Then in late 2007, my friend Deb taught me to purl. My world opened up. I got hooked on Ravelry and I’ve been knitting steadily since.


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